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Family Meyer

There are two unrelated Meyer families -- one in which the father was Herb and the other in which the father was Arlen.

Herb, born in 1911 in Howells, Nebraska and died in 1993 in Seward.

Norma, born in Verdi, Minnesota in 1922 and lives in Seward.


Lois, born in Seward in 1947 and lives in Woodland Park, Colorado.

Alan, born in Seward 1949 and lives in St. Louis.

Gene, born in Seward 1952 and lives in Helena (Birmingham), Alabama.

Gene Meyer pictured as a member of the eighth grade in the 1965-1966 yearbook of St John Elementary School in Seward, Nebraska

Lee, born in Seward in 1956 lives in St. Paul, Minnesota.

Lee Meyer. The picture was scanned from the fourth-grade pages of the 1965-1966 annual of St John Elementary School in Seward, Nebraska.


Family dogs: Teddy, Penny, and George Bernard Shaw (black, fat, slow-moving - known by most of the students on Concordia's campus as the dog that walked across the football field during a game and the game had to be stopped.)


Herb bought the home at 199 College Avenue, married Norma Garmatz December 1945 and three of the Meyer kids had their early childhoods there. This home is filled with childhood memories and great times with neighborhood friends (who lived on Lincoln Ave.) We had buckeye trees in the front (2 are still standing), a big yard and sandpile under a weeping willow tree, a playhouse, swing and stone bar b q. The house was across the street from Becker Hall (where dad's office and chemistry lab was) and the maintenance building. Down the road was the Old Gym. Jesse Hall men's dorm was across from Becker Hall. One of our jobs as kids was to watch when the football players left the top East Field (there was a woodland area between the Old Gym and the field) because then mom would put the potatoes on the stove, knowing that dad would be home soon for supper. The family moved to 773 Columbia Ave in 1954. The Marxhausen family lived in 199 College Ave before the house was destroyed and Ruth women's dorm was built.

The Herb Meyer family lived in Columbia Avenue House 02 from about 1954 to 1963.

The Herb Meyer family moved to 850 North 3rd street in 1963.

Arlen, born in [year?]. Art teacher at St John Elementary School.

Marcy, born in [year?]. Organist and music director for St John Church.


Kaarina, born in [year?].

Jason, born in [year?].

They lived in Columbia Avenue House 01 from about [year?] to [year?].

They moved to [where?] in [year?].

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