Friday, March 5, 2010

Website for Concordia High School Class of 1961

Concordia High School's class of 1961 will celebrate its 50th re-union in 2011. Someone (I think Dan Seim) has established a great website for that class.

The website includes a webpage with pictures of old buildings. My favorite picture in that set shows the swimming pool being constructed.

Another webpage shows old photographs of Seward that were new to me.

Other webpages show athletic teams, coed-dormitory scenes, faculty photos and 1961-class photos. The whole website is great.

The best picture on the website is the school mascot, Raider. The photo was scanned by Dan Seim from the 1961 CHS Homecoming Booklet.

Raider, the bulldog mascot of Concordia High School in Seward, Nebraska.