Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Family Stadsklev

Ron Stadsklev, born in [year?]. History teacher at Concordia High School.

[Mother's name?] Stadsklev, born in [year?].

Mark Stadsklev wrote:

The Stadsklev's are alive and well. We lived in Seward from 1963 to 1973, last address was on Kolterman Street if I recall correctly.

Mom and Dad went to Tuscaloosa Alabama where they subsequently divorced.

Ron is in San Diego now and has had many projects since leaving teaching when the school closed. The latest is he has been selected to join a first responder UFO investigation team.

Mom worked in hospital admissions for years before moving to the San Diego area a couple of years ago.

Mark Stadsklev, born in [year?].

Mark Stadsklev, fifth-grade student at St John Elementary School in Seward, Nebraska

Mark Stadsklev as an adult. The image was taken from his website,
Mark Stadsklev as an adult, standing in front of an airplane in Alaska. The image was taken from his website,

Mark Stadsklev wrote:

I couldn't graduate from CHS since they closed it the end of my junior year, 1972, so I graduated from Seward High School, while only attending a couple of classes there. Hence the feeling of a graduate without a school. When CHS closed, the friends we had made went back to their respective towns. It wasn't economical for the church I guess to handle it any other way. Add to that they used the students to go out and raise funds, and hence our hopes. Yup, still bitter after all these years, welcome to the real world, I guess.

I left Seward three days after graduation and have lived in about six western states, earned a BS in Theatre, owned about 12 motorcycles, held 30 or more jobs from Daycare to Chimney Sweep, Ranch hand, Actor and for the last 17 years Bush Pilot in Alaska, and for the last 4 years a budding professional scenic and wildlife photographer. I spend my summers flying folks in Alaska, and winters driving the southwest in search of inspiring images.

Matt Stadsklev, born in [year?].

Matt Stadsklev, third-grade student at St John Elementary School in Seward, Nebraska

Mark Stadsklev wrote:

Since leaving the Navy Matt has been a computer genius and works mostly out of his home in Ocean Beach California. When he isn't surfing, diving, windsurfing or riding his motorcycle.<.p>

Kurt Stadsklev, born in [year?].

Mark Stadsklev wrote:

Kurt who was five years old when we left Seward is taking a break from computer software design and lives in Encinitas, California. He like long walks on the beach and shooting pool, playing poker and playing soccer.

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