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Family Heinicke

Iddo Heinicke Sr (former pastor of St. John's Church in Seward) and Elizabeth Heinicke had eight children -- Gary, Ed, Iddo Jr., Martin, Ted, Victor, Bill and Betsy.

The Heinicke family lived in the St.John's Church parsonage located on the northwest corner of the North 3rd Street and Highway 34 intersection while Iddo Sr served as pastor. After Iddo Heinicke Sr died tragically in an accident, the family moved to the house on the southeast corner of Columbia Avenue and Lincoln Street. Long after her children had grown up, Elizabeth Heinicke finally sold the house, and then moved to North 3rd Street to live with her daughter Betsy Schmidt and her granddaughter Carolyn Schmidt. (Though her sons strongly encouraged her to profit from her years of home ownership, Elizabeth adamantly refused to do so; she sold the house to Reinhold and Dorris Marxhausens for the same price she had paid for it years earlier. Reinhold Marxhausen said years later that his family never would have been able to buy the house if Elizabeth Heinicke had not been so generous.)

Four of those Heinicke children — Gary, Iddo Jr, Bill, and Betsy — raised their own families in Seward for many years, as did the widow of Victor.

Family of Gerhard "Gary" Heinicke

Gary Heinicke, born in [year?], died in [year?]

Gary had two careers.

First, he was a career U.S. Air Force pilot. His military career began during World War II when he served in the European Theater as a bomber pilot. During WWII, Gary was shot down behind enemy lines in Czechoslovakia, and successfully escaped capture with the help of the Serbian Resistance underground. During his military career, Gary's family lived in Germany, Spain, and Japan among other places. (Son Gary "G.B." was born in Kansas City, Missouri; son Ronald was born in Denver, Colorado; and son Tim was born in Tokyo, Japan.)

After retiring from the U.S. Air Force at the rank of colonel in the mid-1960s, Gary began his second career as the director of both student financial aid and college personnel at Concordia Teachers College in Seward. He was the first president of the Nebraska Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators in 1971-72, and was chairman of the first organizing committee of that association in 1967.

Eleanor (Kolterman) Heinicke, born in [year?]. (Sister of Don Kolterman, who owned the Ben Franklin's store in downtown Seward).


Gary Heinicke, born in [year?]

Ron Heinicke, born in [year?]

Tim Heinicke, born in 1950, died in 2008. (Obituary post)

Family of Iddo Heinicke, Jr.

Iddo Heinicke Jr, born in 1923.

Iddo Jr returned to Seward after serving in the U.S. Army in Europe during and after WWII. He ended his military service as a member of The Rainbow Division. He worked full-time at Jones Bank in Seward while also working part-time as treasurer for the Nebraska District of The Lutheran Church Missouri Synod, and then became a full-time financial officer for the LCMS Nebraska District. Iddo Jr was instrumental in the beginnings of what is now known as The Lutheran Church Extension Fund (LCEF) and is honored by that LCMS organization as a "Silver Eagle." He served on The Board of Regents at Concordia University Nebraska, and also served in the local Seward government.

Joyce (Muhl) Heinicke, born in 1929.


Stephanie Heinicke, born in 1953.

Stephanie Heinicke pictured as a member of the seventh grade in the 1965-1966 yearbook of St John Elementary School in Seward, Nebraska

Kathie "Koe" Heinicke, born in 1954.

David Heinicke, born in 1956.

David Heinicke pictured as a member of the fourth grade in the 1965-1966 yearbook of St John Elementary School in Seward, Nebraska


They lived in East Hillcrest House 03 from 1954 to 1967.

Then they then moved to a new house that they had built on North 1st Street in Seward.

Family of Bill Heinicke

Bill Heinicke, born in [year?].

Bill returned to Seward in the mid-1960s to teach at Concordia Teachers College after he had taught in Denver Lutheran schools for many years. His family moved from Seward to Montana in 1971, and has moved to different places since then.

Pat Heinicke, born in [year?].


Bill Heinicke, born in [year?].

William Heinicke, second-grade student at St John Elementary School in Seward, Nebraska

Eric Heinicke, born in [year?].

Eric Heinicke, first-grade student at St John Elementary School in Seward, Nebraska

Patricia "Patty", born in [year?].

Pamela "Pam", born in [year?].

Jennifer, born in [year?].


Bill Heinicke's family lived in Faculty Lane House 7 from [year?] to [year].

This family then bought the Sylwester's house on remote Columbia Avenue (former Faculty Lane House 1) and lived there from 1968 to 1971.

Family of Betsy (Heinicke) Schmidt

Robert "Bob" Heinicke, born in [year?], died in [year?].

Elizabeth "Betsy" Heinicke, born in [year?].

Betsy lived in different places, including foreign countries, until her husband Bob died. She then returned to Seward in the mid-1960s and has remained there since. For decades, she served as the Concordia president's executive secretary, beginning with President Janzow's tenure.


Carolyn Heinicke, born in [year?].

Family of Victor Heinicke

Victor Heinicke, born in [year?], died in [year?]

Victor was a Lutheran missionary in New Guinea when he had a heart attack. He then returned to the United States with his family, and died soon thereafter.

Norma Heinicke, born in [year?].

After Victor's death, his widow Norma moved to Seward in the mid-1970s with their children, where she remained until moving away in 2007.


(Children's names being obtained.)

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