Saturday, April 18, 2009

Sylwester Clothing Finance

"They tell me you work for a dollar a day:
How is it you clothe six boys on such pay?"

"I know you will think it conceited and queer,
But I do it because I'm a good financier.

"There's Mike, Steve, Tim, Larry, Peter, Andy
A half-dozen boys to be clothed up, you see.

"And I buy for them all the good food that they like,
But the clothes -- I buy them only for Mike.

"When Mike's clothes are too small, his arm's out the sleve,
My wife makes 'em over and gives them to Steve.

"When for Steve, who's ten, they have grown out of date,
She just makes 'em over for Tim, who is eight.

"When for Tim they become too ragged to fix,
She re-does 'em for Larry, who now is just six.

"And when little Larry can't wear them no more,
She just patches 'em more for Pete, who is four.

"And when for young Pete they no longer will do,
She fixes 'em handy for Andy, who's two.

"So, you see, buying clothes for just Mike alone,
It suffices for all, no need to bemoan."

"But when Andy throws 'em off the very last time?
You can't sell them then, they're not worth a dime!"

"We recycle the fabric and buttons and zippers alike,
And use them to mend the new clothing on Mike."

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