Thursday, April 16, 2009

Parades on the Fourth of July in Seward

My brother Steve found three interesting videos on YouTube. The video below shows scenes from Fourth of July parades in the late 1960s and early 1970s.

Here is the caption that accompanies the above video:

This is actually two different parades I have small clips from several parades from July 4th in late 60's and early 70's I will be posting in next few months so if you like Seward Nebraska history check back not sure how long it will take me I am transferring super 8mm to video my self and is by trial and error how it turns out thanks for looking these video are from John Odell collection so if they bring back memories keep him in mind as he was a life-long resident of Seward and captured these on film. And I dedicate theses clips to his dedication to Seward and Seward Genealogy work he had done.

The video below, apparently posted by the same unknown person, shows a parade in about 1971.

Here is the caption for the above video:

This is a clip from I believe around 1971.1972 forth of July Seward Nebraska it has BEE fire dept, Utica ,and Seward fire dept. along with uncle big guy on a 4-H float with his brother driving a dune buggy with then senator in the parade

Probably a lot of families have old films that should be digitized. Let the above two videos be an inspiration to all of you to go find your old family films and digitize them, so that they can be watched again now and in the future.

And the video at this link is a walking tour of the Concordia campus, filmed in about September 2008. I don't know who posted the video. It lasts about six minutes.

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