Friday, April 10, 2009


Toby Beck wrote:

I remember as a little kid Dad would take Tedi and me sledding in the street down the hill on the east end of Faculty Lane (Kevin was too little). We’d take turns. Dad would sit at the back of the sled and Tedi or I would sit in front of him. He’d steer with his feet as we went down the hill. We’d have a great time. That was a great hill for sledding when it got snowy and icy (but probably dangerous for driving – although I don’t remember there ever being traffic down the Faculty Lane hill to Brommer Drive on snowy days – except one time when the Middendorfs’ car got stuck there).

When I was older and we lived on Plainview, I’d go sledding on the east side of East Field – and narrowly avoided a serious injury when I was a sophomore in high school. Several of us were playing a game called “crash car” where we’d try to push each other off the sleds as we were sliding down the hill. I was going down head first and as the rider ahead of me hit the bottom of the hill, his sled runner came up. I’ll spare you the details, but I couldn’t swallow for several days. Strange what you remember. It was Sunday, Nov. 10, 1968, because I recall as I walked back into the house Dad had the Bears-San Francisco game on TV and Gayle Sayers had just suffered a major knee injury.

Jody Schwich wrote:

In the winter, we sledded down Faculty Lane from in front of Hackman’s, past Griesse’s (and then Sylwester’s) to that street in front of the new gym (I’ve forgotten its name).

Steve Sylwester wrote:

It is odd in retrospect that we did not go sledding down the east side of East Field after winter snows, except maybe once (and I have to push hard for that "maybe" memory). I just asked Koe [Heinicke] about it, and she and her family did go sledding there regularly.

Michael Mueller pulling Jenny Mueller in a sled in front of Weller Hall.

Jenny Mueller and her brother Michael Mueller sledding as children. Weller Hall is in the background. The image is from The Broadcaster magazine,

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