Saturday, April 11, 2009

Cicada Bugs

Toby Beck sent me this picture, which he says shows me and Eddie Hackman's arm pointing at a cicada on a tree in front of Beck's house.

Mike Sylwester and Eddie Hackmann pointing at a cicada bug on a tree in front of the home of Theodore Beck on Faculty Lane in Seward, Nebraska. The image was scanned from a photo belonging to Toby Beck.

There was a big infestation of cicadas the first year we moved to Seward. They were everywhere. Here is a picture of a tree (not from our neighborhood) covered with cicadas.

A tree covered with cicada bugs. The photo was taken from

The cicadas emerged from their outer shells and left the empty shells on the trees.

An empty skin left by a cicada bug. The photo was taken from

We boys would gather them and put them down the girls' shirts.

An woman with cicada bugs on her shirt. The photo was taken from

Or we would just walk around with the bugs or their shells stuck to our shirts.

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