Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Family Pfabe

Jerrald Pfabe, born in 1938. Professor of History and Spanish at Concordia University.

Esther Pfabe, born in 1940.

Rebecca Pfabe, born in 1963. Lives in Lincoln, Nebraska, nurse practitioner. Married to Maury Higgins. Two daughters, Hannah and Clara

Susan Pfabe, born in 1963. Lives in Denver, Colorado. Pediatric physical therapist. Married to Scott Wiggans. Four children: Elizabeth, Rachel, Andrew, and Abigail.

Kristin Pfabe, born in 1965. Lives in Lincoln, Nebraska. Associate Professor of Mathematics at Nebraska Wesleyan University.

The Pfabe family lived in Columbia House 2 from 1967 to the present. The family bought the house from Concordia University in 1989.

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