Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Family Peter

Herbert "Herb" Peter, born in [year?]. St John fifth-grade teacher.

Herbert Peter, fifth-grade teacher at St John Elementary School in Seward, Nebraska

Marilynn Peter, born in [year?].

Herb Peter wrote:

Here's my resume: Started out at Bethlehem, Richmond, Virginia. Had all congregational music, principal, teacher grades 4-7, youth program. Marilynn had the primary grade room, 1-3. Yes, we thought nothing about it. Thought that was the normal teaching job. We were there six years and added a kindergarten and a middle-grade classroom.

Then of course we were 20 years in Seward. We enjoyed our work there too. But we felt we needed a change in our place of work.

So, we went to Orange, California, St.John's. That too was a wonderful experience. It is the largest K-8 school in the LCMS. Close to 900 students. It is a big feeder for Orange County Lutheran High School. I had the congregational and school music and taught full time for the first 5 years in 6th+ grades. Couldn't handle both so the next 12 years I opted for teaching only. Taught there 17 years. Marilynn taught 1st grade for those years.

Then we retired and moved to Shawnee, Kansas, a suburb of Kansas City (sometimes called Shawnee Mission). We moved here because our daughter Brenda and her family lived here. We've been here for about 13 years and are still very active in Hope Lutheran Church and School. It is fun being a plain old lay member.

Brad Peter, born in 1955, died in about 2007.

Herb Peter wrote:

Brad suffered a fatal massive heart attack about two years ago, age 51. Was completely a surprise. He was a hospital pharmacist as is his wife Nancy. They lived in Scottsdale. They have two sons that go (will be going) to Northern Arizona U, Flagstaff. We miss Brad very much and still grieve very much.

Brad Peter, fourth-grade student at St John Elementary School in Seward, Nebraska

Brenda (Peter) Bohaty, born in [year?].

Brenda Peter, kindergarten pupil at St John Elementary School in Seward, Nebraska

Herb Peter wrote:

She was on the faculty of University of Missouri (Kansas City) dental school. She is now the administrator of the dental residency program of Children's Mercy Hospital, KC. She gets her PHD this summer. Her husband Keith Bohaty is a commercial loan officer for Premier Bank. They have two kids. The oldest son will be a sophomore at KU in civil engineering. Their daughter will be freshman at Nebraska, dentistry or pharmacy.

The Peter family lived in Fairlane Avenue (east side) House 03 from [year?] to [year?].

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