Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Family Griesse

Reinhold Griesse, born in [year?]. Dean of Students?

[Mother's name?], born in [year?].


Sherry (Griesse) Eggers, born in [year?].

Phil Griesse, born in [year?].

Don Griesse, born in [year?].


Family dog: Izzy. (Gene Meyer remembers: "Griesses had a fat dog named Izzy which scared me to death.")


They lived in Faculty Lane House 1. from [year?] to 1958.


Sherry (Griesse) Eggers wrote:

If only our kids could have had such a safe and carefree childhood. I know it was for me. Speaking of "Kings" house, I know we lived there until 1958 when we moved to Washington State. I believe I was a newborn when we moved to Seward from Utica shortly after 1948.

Prior to living in the last house on Faculty Lane, we lived in East and West Co-Lin on the other side of campus. They became dormitories after we moved to Faculty Lane.

I believe the Wellers were the next occupants after King died. My mom visited him often and we still have some of his art in our family (Edna died in 1995). I know we lived there in 1953 or 54 because I went to St. John's in Kindergarten thru 4th grade.

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