Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Family Koenig

Henry, born in 1877, died in 1959.

He was a bachelor and lived alone in Faculty Lane House 1 from 1930 to [year?].

From a website about LCMS history:

Henry Andrew Koenig was born in Hanover, Germany (d. 11 August 1959, Seward, Nebraska). He graduated from Concordia Theological Seminary (Springfield, Illinois) in 1906 and served as a pastor in Williamsburg (1906–1913) and Webster City, Iowa (1913–1923). He was a professor at Concordia Teachers' College (Seward, Nebraska) from 1923 to 1948, when he retired but continued on modified service until 1958. He gave the school the Henry A. Koenig Art Collection and hundreds of library books. He served as archivist of the Southern Nebraska District and helped organize its Walther League. In 1953 he was awarded an honorary Litt.D. degree.


My father, Robert Sylwester, who attended Concordia College during 1945-49 remembers that Professor Koenig ("King") still lived in this house during that period. Professor "King" taught art history and appreciation, and he invited his students to visit his house, which was decorated with so many art pictures that they covered all the walls and tables.

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