Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Family Klammer

Werner Klammer, born in [year?].

Ruth Klammer, born in [year?], died in 2003.


Tim Klammer, born in [year?].

Ruth Klammer, born in [year?].

Mark Klammer, born in [year?].

Mark Klammer, seventh-grade student at St John Elementary School in Seward, Nebraska

Mark Klammer wrote:

I ended up getting a teaching degree from Concordia, since I didn’t know what else to do. It was easy to go there since it was the next step from St Johns and CHS. And my mom kept talking about having a teacher in the family. Then I actually taught a few years and got married to Pam Stark, sister of Charmaine. You might remember Charmaine from CHS. Pam was a teacher from Concordia as well and we taught a couple years in Seattle, the NW Arctic/Alaska, and western NE.

But, teaching couldn’t hold me or my wife and eventually we both went back to school (UNL) for new careers. I ended up in the exciting field of accounting. Oh, well. Meanwhile, my wife Pam went into TV journalism. Riding her tails, we moved around the next few years as she moved up the markets and I either went back for more school or tried different accounting type jobs. In about 1987 we ended up in Spokane, assuming it would be another short stop although I was tired of moving. Anyway, we are still here and along the way we had a son who is now a junior in high school.

Joel Klammer, born in [year?].

Joel Klammer, third-grade student at St John Elementary School in Seward, Nebraska

They lived in Faculty Lane House 4 out in far North Columbia from 1964 until [year?].

They moved to the North Columbia house from a house where they had been living at 230 Hillcrest. Previously they had lived in a house on 5th street and in a dinky house near Uhlig's that was eventually torn down when the college built a new dorm.

Werner Klammer lives in Seward. Tim Klammer lives near Seward. Ruth Klammer (daughter) lives in Orange, California. Mark Klammer lives in Spokane, Washington. Joel Klammer lives in Bassett, Nebraska.

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