Saturday, April 4, 2009

Place Creeks

Steve Sylwester wrote:

From 3rd or 4th grade on, Koe [Heinicke; Steve's wife] and her brother spent a whole lot of time making forts and playing both around Plum Creek and also heading north from Seward along the cinder road that resulted from the abandoned railroad bed. Koe's dad did not encourage that play, but — more importantly — he did not discourage it either. As Faculty Lane kids, we were left to our own devices, but I never felt I had open permission to go to Plum Creek whenever I wanted, especially in the early years.

Dan Schwich wrote:

The second time we were in Seward ('64-'67) my friends and I spent lots of time at Plum Creek. Our usual task was to see if we could dam it. We also caught crayfish and frogs.

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