Friday, April 3, 2009

General Comments

I, Mike Sylwester, lived on Faculty Lane in Seward, Nebraska, from the summer of 1960 until the summer of 1964 – while I attended third through sixth grades. Then my family moved away from Faculty Lane to North Columbia (about a half-mile away) and lived there until the summer of 1968, when we moved from Seward to Eugene, Oregon.

Mike Sylwester, eighth-grade student at St John Elementary School in Seward, Nebraska

Eighth Grade

I still have many vivid memories of those four years of my life when I lived on Faculty Lane. That period of my life seems much longer, because those four years influenced my personality profoundly. In this blog I will share a few of my memories that might interest other people who lived there or who know me.

I encourage and welcome other people to participate. If you want to contribute information, then you can write comments under relevant posts. I am notified automatically any time someone leaves a comment on any post. I might incorporate your comment into that post or another post, or I might leave your comment just as you wrote it.

You also can send information or your articles to me at Also, feel free to phone me at my home, 201-931-1095.

Right now I am the only administrator of this blog. If someone is interested in becoming a co-administrator, please offer your services.

Right now, this blog is focused on Faculty Lane and Columbia Avenue. If someone would like to extend the blog to other streets, please contact me and we can work out the details.

I would like to include photographs (especially old ones) in this blog. If anyone wants to contribute photographs, please contact me.

How to comment:

I set the comments up so that anybody in the world can comment. I will keep it that way until we have a significant problem with spam or with vulgar comments.

If you want to comment but do not know how, then I hope the instructions below will guide you.

First you have to click the article title, so that you see only the article with the comment block below. Below the comment block there is a selection box labeled "Select profile..." That selection box gives you several options:

If you select "Name/URL", then you will get a window with two boxes. You can write your real (or fake) name in the first box. If you have a URL (i.e. you have a website), then you can add it in the second box. If not, then you can leave the second box blank. Leaving the second box blank has only the consequence that a reader will not be able to contact or find you on the Internet.

If you select "Anonymous", then you will be called Anonymous. (Of course, you can just write your real name at the bottom of your comment.)

If you select another option (Google Account, LiveJournal, etc.), then the information to contact or find you on the Internet will become automatically available to a reader if the reader clicks on your name over your comment.

If the above instructions leave you still unable to make a comment, then please write to me at and tell me exactly what obstacles you encountered or what part of the instructions you don't understand. Your information about your commenting problems will help me fix the problems or to improve my instructions for everyone.

How to submit an article or photograph:

I encourage people to submit articles, photographs, videos, etc. This blog has three co-administrators who are able to create and edit posts. Send your items to one of us co-administrators, and we will post the items for you.

Mike Sylwester at

Steve Sylwester at

Lois (Meyer) Voeltz at

If you want to post a lot of items, then I can add you too as a co-administrator.

Adding more neighborhoods:

I am very willing to add more neighborhoods. I consider Faculty Lane and the current stretch of Columbia Avenue to be just a start.

If you want to add a street or section of a street, then send me a message at Identify the street (section) and a sequence of families living on that street. I don't need absolutely all the families in the sequence, but at least give me a sequence. For example:

House 1 -- Family Brown

House 2 -- Family Green

House 3 -- Forgotten or Irrelevant Family

House 4 -- Family Black

House 5 -- (and so forth)

In this case, House 3 is a family that you perhaps do not remember or did not interact with. Keep in mind, however, that before or after your time, a family perhaps lived there that would have interacted in that other time. Also, even though you cannot remember a family now, other people might help fill in information gaps.

Of course, anybody can contribute articles and comments without their street or house being listed along the right side of this website's margin. If people contribute articles or get mentioned a lot, then I will add their families on the right margin even if I don't include their street and house. The families and houses listed on the right margin enable readers to find all the articles from or about a particular family or about a particular house or childhood neighborhood.

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