Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Family Weller

George Weller, born in 1860, died in 1924.

Clara (Eirich) Weller, born in [year?], died in [year?].

Johann Friedrich Heinrich (“John Henry”) Weller, born in 1883 in Staplehurst, Nebraska. He worked as an engineer and married Mary Wynne, a nurse.

Hulda Catharina Elisabeth Weller, born in 1884 in Staplehurst. She married Alexander Pitcaithley.

George Ernst August Weller, born in 1887 in Staplehurst. He worked as a teacher and musician. He married Martha Sophia Gallmeier in 1913. He died in 1932 in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Elsa Lisette Christina (Christine) Weller, born in 1892 in Staplehurst. She married Dwight Williams.

Helen Maria Amanda Emma Weller, born in 1894 in Staplehurst. She married Ernest August Paul (Bud) Gallmeier in 1920. She died in 1955.

Anna Marie Louise Weller, born in 1896 in Seward. She married Herbert Trier in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Paula Weller. She married Henry Ehlen.

Raymond Frederick (Bub) Weller. He married Merle.

Alfred William Tobias (Sam) Weller, born in 1905 in Seward. He married Judith Rogers in 1927 in Minden, Nebraska. He died 1965 in Glidden, Iowa.

The Weller family moved into Faculty Lane House 1 in 1895. At that time the family consisted of parents George and Louise and five children -- Johann (age 12), Hulda (age 11), George (age 8), Elsa (Christine) (age 3) and Helen (age 1). (Two children had died in infancy in Staplehurst.)

While the family lived in the house, four more children were born -- Anna, Paula, Raymond and Alfred (Sam).

After George Weller died in 1924, the surviving family continued to live in the home until 1930.

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