Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Photographs in Flickr

I have uploaded more than 200 photographs into Flickr. The links are in this website's upper-right margin, right under the Welcome to Seward highway sign.

When you select an individual photograph in Flickr, you should see an ALL SIZES click-point on top of the photographs. If you click it, then you should see the largest size of the photograph, and you can select several smaller sizes, down to a thumbnail.

I labeled each photograph with a lot of details, so that people who don't know about this blog might haphazardly find a photograph when they search for a name using Google, Ask or other search engine. If they then follow the photograph back to the source, then they eventually might find this blog. It will take a few weeks, however, for Google and other search engines to include these photographs into their own databases.

If names or other words are misspelled, then people who are spelling them correctly in their searches will not find a page with those words misspelled. Therefore please point out to me any misspellings that you notice.

I also added each of the photographs to Flickr's map. On the Flickr website, select the menu item EXPLORE and then WORLD MAP or PLACES. When you find Seward on that map, then you should see dots on the locations of St John School, Concordia High School, and the old Lutheran Church. (You might have to wait for a few days after June 2 before these dots are visible to all visitors, but I already see them.) If you click on one of those dots, you should find all the photographs.

Also, if you have selected a set of photograph in Flickr, then you there should be a click-point labeled MAP under the set's title. If you click it, you should go to that location of the map. For example, in the upper-right margin of this blog, click OLD ST JOHN LUTHERAN CHURCH. You should come to the webpage for the set of those 15 photographs. On that webpage, to the right of my own photograph, you should see the click-point MAP. If you click on it, you should go to the place on the map where the old church stood. Then click on the dot at that location. (Please correct me if I missplaced that dot.) You should see also a horizontal bar with thumbnails for those 15 images. You can click on any of those thumbnails to the see the image larger.

Feel free to download any of these photographs into your own computer. I have paid for a two-year Flickr subscription, so all these photographs should remain on Flickr for at least the next two years.

I still do not have a scan of the sixth-grade class from the St John yearbook. My brother Steve Sylwester has the entire yearbook. Since he himself was in the sixth grade, however, that particular page has a lot of signatures and writing all over that page. If anyone else still has the yearbook with that sixth-grade page clean, please scan it and e-mail it to me.

I still don't have the pages for kindergarten through grade three. When Steve or one of his slave daughters gets around to scanning and sending them to me, I will add them likewise to Flickr. Eventually I would like to have all the entire pages of the yearbook in proper order.

It seems that St John school published a yearbook only in 1966. I sure am grateful that at least this one yearbook was published. Blessings on whoever took the initiative to publish it. This blog would be much worse without all these photographs.

I am trying to get my own family's photographs scanned and uploaded. If anyone else has old family or personal or newspaper photographs that you would like to donate, I would like to upload whatever you have.

I wonder if the old teachers have collections of photographs of their classes.

Any old leaflets, concert programs, brochures, newspapers, certificates, documents and other memorabilia you have might be interesting or amusing for a lot of people.

By the way, if you hold your pointer over any of the pictures in this blog, then you should see a description and the source of the picture.

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