Thursday, June 25, 2009

An Old Panoramic Photograph of Concordia Campus

Marvin Bergman, who now occupies the old Sylwester house (Faculty Lane House 1) on North Columbia Avenue, kindly arranged for some old photographs in his possession to be scanned for this blog. One of the photographs is a panorama, consisting of four aligned photographs, of the Concordia campus.

"Old Panarama Photographs of Concordia Teachers College (now Concordia University) in Seward" Nebraska

The image has been uploaded to this Flickr webpage. Click on ALL SIZES above the image to see larger sizes (ORIGINAL is the largest).

The street running horizontally along the bottom of the panorama is North Columbia Avenue. The four old faculty houses are near this street, so this is the original Faculty Row location of those houses. They were moved farther back in mid-1924 to a new street, called Faculty Lane. Therefore, this photograph was taken before mid-1924.

Steve Sylwester explains the photograph:

The road you see along the foreground is Columbia. The outer [most west] house had its west property boundary on Columbia.

The east-west street that was Faculty Row is plainly visible, and it is headed due east in the picture to what is now the front steps of Brommer Hall — and goes directly through the area where Weller Hall now stands while enroute. Founders Hall can be seen in the background on the south side of the street.

Faculty Row existed more-or-less on the land that is now between Link Library and Weller Hall. The street area directly in front of the Weller house is now where the east side elevation (the chapel stage back wall) of Weller Hall is located.

This blog now has provided all six photographs that were received from Mr. Bergman.

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