Friday, June 12, 2009

Cross on Roof of House on Faculty Lane

A few days ago, I posted an old, aerial photograph that showed all the houses on Faculty Lane. Koe (Heinicke) Sylwester was looking at the photograph and noticed that the roof of the first house (Faculty Lane House 1), where our Sylwester family lived, was constructed so that it displayed a cross to anyone looking down.

House with cross on its roof on Faculty Lane in Seward, Nebraska. The image was scanned from an old photograph that belongs to Steve Sylwester.

It almost looks like the cross is drawn onto the photograph, but I think the cross really is part of the roof.

None of the other houses on Faculty Lane has a cross on its roof. You can see the neighboring house in the above photograph. All the other houses have similar, non-cross roofs.

Here is an aerial photograph of the house in its present location on North Columbia Avenue, and the cross still is seen clearly.

House with cross on roof on North Columbia Avenue in Seward, Nebraska. The image is taken from Wikimapia.

The house was built in 1895, which was eight years before the Wright brothers flew the first primitive airplane. Except for people who might fly over the house in a hot-air balloon, the cross would have been seen by no humans. So, the roof was made that way as a devotional sign to God.

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