Thursday, June 18, 2009

More St John Yearbook Pages

I have received scans of several more pages of St John's 1965-1966 yearbook. They are the pages showing the kindergarten, first, second and third grades and showing scenes from a Christmas program.

Here is one of the Christmas pictures, which shows part of the school band:

Starting from the 12 o'clock position and going clockwise, I recognize Steve Roettjer, Gene Meyer, Jim (Winston) Miller, Scott Brinkmeyer, John Garmatz, Toby Beck, Mike Sylwester, Jim Hardt and [not recognized].

The newly uploaded pages are in this Flickr set.

I am out of town this weekend. After I return home, I will crop out an individual photograph for each student on those pages and upload all those individual photos up into Flickr, as I have done for the older grades.

We still do not have a clean page for the sixth grade -- the grade that graduated from St John in 1968, the grade that included Steve Sylwester. We need someone with another copy of the yearbook to scan that page and e-mail it to me.

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