Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Campus on an Old Picture Postcard

Marvin Bergman, who now occupies the old Sylwester house (Faculty Lane House 1) on North Columbia Avenue, kindly arranged for some old photographs in his possession to be scanned for this blog. One of the photographs is on an old picture postcard and shows a remote side-view of the campus.

Old Postcard of Lutheran Seminary Grounds in Seward, Nebraska

The image is uploaded to this Flickr webpage. Click on the ALL SIZES above the image on that webpage and you will be able to see the image in larger sizes.

The postcard is labeled Ev[angelical] Luth[eran] Seminary Grounds, Seward, Neb. and was stamped on March or May 13, 1912, in Stafford, Nebraska.

On the left area of the postcard stand the four faculty houses in a row. In the previous article in this blog, Steve Sylwester explained that those faculty houses stood along a location called Faculty Row. This postcard shows the same configuration.

In the previous article Steve supposed that that previous, downward oblique photograph seems to have been taken from the roof of Founders Hall. Steve thinks that this postcard photograph confirms that supposition. I don't agree. I think the photograph must have been taken from a hot-air balloon.

According to another previous article in this blog, this Lutheran institution was called The Evangelical Lutheran School Teachers Seminary from 1894 to 1905, when the name was changed to The Evangelical Lutheran School Teachers College, so I think the postcard might have been made before 1905, even though it was not mailed until 1912.

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