Thursday, June 25, 2009

Faculty Lane as a Dirt Road

Marvin Bergman, who now occupies the old Sylwester house (Faculty Lane House 1) on North Columbia Avenue, kindly arranged for some old photographs in his possession to be scanned for this blog. One of the photographs was taken when Faculty Lane still was a dirt road.

Faculty Lane (Seward, Nebraska) as a Dirt Road

The image is uploaded to this Flickr webpage. Click ALL SIZES to see the image in larger sizes.

The house in the far background behind the four white houses is the Heinicke house on East Hillcrest, where Koe (Kathie) Heinicke (Steve Sylwester's wife) grew up.

The photograph was taken after 1924, when the four white houses were moved from Faculty Row to Faculty Lane. Can anyone provide any other clues to the photograph's date?

Tobin Beck wrote:

I remember when Faculty Lane, Hillcrest, the college half moon and Columbia in front of St. John’s were paved in the spring or summer of 1957. There were a lot of graders and other equipment going up and down the blocks so we couldn’t play outside as much as usual. I remember at one point running through the back yard and through the pine trees at the edge of our lot to take a look, and running right into the path of an earth mover coming toward me about 20 yards away. That was a little scary.

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