Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Wikimapia Aerial View of Seward

This link takes you to Wikimapia's aerial view of Seward, Nebraska. The initial focus is on the intersection of Columbia Avenue, Faculty Lane, and the Concordia Half Moon. Right above the image is a link titled edit info. If you click on it, then the image expands to fill the entire window, and you can zoom in and out and move around.

Various places are outlined and identified. If you hold your pointer over those areas, you see the place names. People can add comments to those areas and can identify other areas. (I have not tried those features.

At the upper left corner of the image you can select options to see the area as a map (with street names, etc.), as a hybrid photograph-map, and as a terrain map (with elevations, river names, etc.).

I did not know that Seward Elementary School is now located out on North Columbia Avenue. And to the east of that school is a Plum Creek Park and a Plum Creek Sports Complex. News to me.

And how did that St Vincent de Paul Catholic Church and School get there?!

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