Monday, July 6, 2009

Paul Kolterman Describes His Fun July 4 in Seward

Paul Kolterman wrote:

I was fortunate enough to get to go home for the weekend to Seward. I left Saturday about 5 a.m. and drove down from Norfolk, Nebraska (about two hours). I made it just in time for the firing of the ANVIL, which kicks off the celebration.

Then I went over to the Civic Center and had Breakfast for $5. One of the St John organizations was sponsoring this Breakfast as a fund raiser.

Then back to the Seward Band Shell for a little entertainment, and I watched the Volunteer Firemen have a water fight. This is a contest where three fireman on each team and they shoot water at a barrel suspended from a cable about 15 feet in the air. It’s fun to watch.

Then I went over to my sister Ellen’s and got ready for the Parade. What a GREAT parade.

Then I went up to my brother Clark's and watched the fireworks. They had a band from about 7 pm until dark and then some parachute-stunt folks (four of them) jumped out of a plane and landed on the baseball diamond to Patriotic music. Then the fireworks lasted about a half hour.

The next morning at 9 am at the “New” Concordia University Gym (Athletic Complex) was the St John Church Service Commemorating the 125th Anniversary of St John Lutheran School. Pastor David Peter was the guest Minister and what a Super Service with Great jubilee. The Sermon started out:

Is it Worth It? Is it worth it to have a Lutheran School? Is it worth it to start one and keep it going????

Then it went on about Blessings and how Blessed we all are that have been touched by this ministry of St John Lutheran School. What a wonderful Service and a wonderful day!!

I am so Glad I went, I will always remember this day. I really enjoyed seeing some of the people I have not seen for a Long time. This Ministry of a School has touched people and lives around the globe and continues to do so!! What an awesome deal.

One thing I always think about when I go home to Seward, is even though it changes (some) and it isn’t exactly the same as it was 30, 40, 50 years ago ... It is very much the same to me. It is really a very unique place and the best town in the State, but then that is just fact not opinion.

Thought you would like my update on this weekend to share with others.


What a True Blessing Indeed. ReJoice. The whole committee for the 125th should be commended for such hard work and planning. What a GREAT DAY!!!

Thanks, Paul. I and many other people wish we could have been there, and I am grateful that you reported your experience and especially that you shared your enthusiasm.

Pastor Peter began his sermon with some hard questions that many people have pondered, and I am sure that he answered them well.

I have been thinking about those same questions as I write my blog. Seward has been the host town for Concordia University, which continues to prepare young adults for careers in education, ministry and social leadership for the Lutheran Church. St John School continues to be a laboratory for that preparation and a model for Lutheran education.

The town of Seward has been good for Concordia, which has been good for St John School. Conversely, St John School has been good for Concordia, which has been good for the town of Seward. I hope that these mutual relationships will continue to develop and adapt.

If anyone else participated in the weekend and feels inspired to write a short article, I will be glad to post it.

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