Thursday, July 2, 2009

New Uploads to Flickr

I have uploaded all the individual student photographs of the second-grade students in the 1965-1966 yearbook for St John Elementary School. The Flickr webpage for the set is here. The pictures include my brother Larry Sylwester.

Larry Sylwester, second-grade student at St John Elementary School in Seward, Nebraska

I have uploaded also a lot of various papers related to deliving newspapers in Seward during the 1960s. In our Sylwester family, Steve, Tim, Tricia and I delivered the Lincoln Star, and Steve substituted occasionally for Peter Kolb's Omaha World Herald route. (Tricia delivered to a coed dormitory.) Steve has kept all these items. The collection of Flickr images related to delivering newspapers now has a link in the upper-right margin of this blog.

I will write more about these newspaper-route experiences in future posts.

Thanks to Liesel Sylwester, who scanned and sent me this batch of yearbook images, and to Eva Sylwester, who scanned and sent me all the newspaper-delivery images.

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