Monday, June 1, 2015

My Blog's Most-Read Articles

Even though I've neglected this blog for two years, it still gets a lot of page views.

* May 24 = 178 page views

* May 25 = 254 page views

* May 26 = 215 page views

* May 27 = 213 page views

* May 28 = 162 page views

* May 29 = 98 page views

* May 30 = 177 page views

* June 1 (at 6:30 p.m.) = 241 page views

The main reason I still get so many page views is an article I wrote about freshman beanie caps in May 2009. That article currently averages almost a hundred page views a day -- and has accumulated more than a quarter-million page views in the past six years!

If this is some kind of nefarious manipulation of the Internet, I cannot imagine its purpose.

Blogger provides me statistics on page views. Below is a list of my webpages that have been visited most often. In a few of the cases, Blogger provided the number of views I got in the last week -- from May 25 through June 1, 2015.

Concordia College Freshman Beanie Caps = 259,970 page views
 613 page views in the last week.  
Reinhold Marxhausen's Sound-Making Sculptures = 4,717 page views
22 page views in the last week.
Campus Buildings That Are Gone = 4,348 page views
113 page views in the last week.
The Trampoline in St. John's Basement = 4,182 page views
58 page views in the last week.
The Gospel According to Peanuts - 3 = 1,925 page views

The Students of St John School, 1952-53 = 1,532 page views

Pledging Allegiance to the Christian Flag = 1,358 page views
16 page views in the last week.
Bohemians = 1,272 page views
7 page views in the last week.
The Meaning of the Movie "Doubt" = 1,262 page views
11 page views in the last week.
Someone has left this comment:  
No one has commented on this yet? I think this is a great, well-thought out, well explained commentary. Great job.
Moving from the Old Library to the New Library = 1,169 page views

The Meaning of the Movie "Footloose" = 1,010 page views
15 page views in the last week. 
Someone has left this comment:  
This is the most insightful and thorough analysis of this movie I have ever encountered. Thank you for taking the time to create this.
Mike Sylwester's Last Will and Testament = 895 page views

Audio-Visual Equipment = 676 page views

The Settlement of German Lutherans in Seward County = 599 page views

Mark Lemke, RIP = 430 page views

The Weller Family's Move from Indiana to Nebraska = 422 page views

St John Hi Lights, May 1968 -- Part 2 = 397 page views

James Blomenberg, RIP = 387 page views

Deep Reasons for St John's Enrollment Collapse = 282 page views

Memories of Kathy Lange Brakke = 270 page views

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