Sunday, January 31, 2016

A Marxhausen "Stardust Sculpture Stone" Obtained at a NJ Flea Market

A person named Kate Weisse wrote to me:
I found your blog via a google search about Reinhold Marxhausen's Stardust sculpture/stone. 
The short story is that I possess one. I carry it with me everywhere I go, as it is a reminder of my grandmother. She obtained this art many years ago in exchange for a VHS tape she was selling and it was given to her by a small child who seemed to have shown up alone and spoke no words to my grandmother. 
Anyway, I am curious about this piece. Any info you may be able to give me would be wonderful. I am uncertain as to how many were made, how it made its way to a flea market in NJ, and if it holds sentimental or monetary value to someone. 
Here are two photographs of the so-called "stardust sculpture stone":

The stone was signed by Marxhausen:

If anybody can provide any information, I will forward it to Ms. Weisse. 


  1. Check this out - Marx on the Letterman show.

  2. Check this out - Marx on the Letterman show.

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    1. I'm not the original poster to this, but I have a stardust sound sculpture that I'm looking to sell if your interested

  5. I also have one of these that I'm looking to sell if anyone is interested