Sunday, October 7, 2012

Students of St John School (1952-53) Identified

In response to an earlier post, Wayne Buls, who was in fifth grade at St John Elementary School in 1952-53, sent me an e-mail identifying several students in photographs from that year.

Here is a crop of Wayne himself.

He identified the following 21 students:

Gordon Ahlschwede
Margaret Beckmann
Gordon Bredow
Keith Brose
Orval Buls
Wayne Buls
Charles Fenster
Larry Goldsmith
Fred Kroger
Roger Lindner
Roger Mailand
Leora Mueller
Ronnie Mueller
Dale Pieper
Diane Rigert
David Rolfsmeier
James Schmieding
Tim Wake
Harold Walker
Carol Yauk
Margret Yauk

I have updated the earlier post and also the Flickr page.  

Thanks, Wayne !!

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