Thursday, August 6, 2009

Graduation Photographs

Candy (Safarik) Connery mailed me some pictures and other stuff that she has kept all these years. It seems to me that the photocopier she used had its contrast set at maximum. The photocopies are rather black and white, with little gray. I did like, however, the individual graduation photographs that she sent with this high contrast.

Some eighth-grade students paid to be photographed professionally in a studio when they graduated from eighth grade. They distributed the photos to their classmates as souveniers. I don't remember that I myself had such a studio photograph done. I think most of the students in our class did not have one done.

Below are the photographs that Candy received and kept. These students were in the classes that graduated from eighth grade in 1965, 1966 and 1967.

If you click the student's name next to the photo, you will go to the Flickr webpage for that photo. There you can click ALL SIZES to see the image in larger sizes. Feel free to download any of the images to your own computer.

Debbie McGrew - Graduation Picture Debbie McGrew, 1966
Scott Brinkmeyer - Graduation Picture Scott Brinkmeyer, 1966
Steve Roettjer - Graduation Picture Steve Roettjer, 1966
Kathy Boeka - Graduation Picture Kathy Boeka, 1966
Bill Schwich - Graduation Picture Bill Schwich, 1966
Susan Curtis - Graduation Picture Susan Curtis, 1966
Debbie Niederschmidt - Graduation Picture Debbie Niederschmidt, 1966
Patricia Neujahr - Graduation Picture Patricia Neujahr, 1966
Brenda Prange - Graduation Picture Brenda Prange, 1966
Brenda Prange (2) - Graduation Picture Brenda Prange, 1966
Ann Marie Holtz - Graduation Picture Ann Marie Holtz, 1966
Diane Beckmann - Graduation Picture Diane Beckmann, 1966
Gene Meyer - Graduation Picture Gene Meyer, 1966
Jeanette Tonniges - Graduation Picture Jeanette Tonniges, 1966
Brian Dittman - Graduation Picture Brian Dittman, 1967
Carol Rouse - Graduation Picture Carol Rouse, 1965
Diane Brauer - Graduation Picture Diane Brauer, 1965
Susy Gleisberg - Graduation Picture Susy Gleisberg, 1965
Ruth Klammer - Graduation Picture Ruth Klammer, 1965
Debby Whatsername - Graduation Picture Debby Whatsername, 1965
Rex Gerwick - Graduation Picture Rex Gerwick, 1965

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